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The book about Gundlach was published in 2002 by the Basilisken-Presse, PO box 561, D-35017 Marburg/Lahn (www.basilisken-presse-marburg.de), edited under ISBN 3-925347-65-8. The fastest order is by eMail, delivery is carried out free of charge with enclosed invoice. Order via book shop are just as possibly, but may be delayed for some days because the book trade is supplied direct on order.

Print and production of the book were carried out in the Danuvia Druckhaus GmbH, PO box 1225, D-86617 Neuburg/Donau (info@danuvia.de).

Ulrich Florian (julianflor@compuserve.de) was in charge of typesetting and typography.

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